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 Tech Tips



This is the time of year you want to be charging, monitoring and testing your batteries to prevent freezing.


All Motorhomes should be started and ran for a least one hour every other week/or if the weather permits a short drive.


We do not recommend leaving the unit plugged in all the time, this will cause battery to over charge (or boil out)


Any unit returning from the south before April 15th should be fully winterized.


If using the toilet in the winter time a little bit of windshield washer solvent and rock salt in the holding tank will not harm anything and will keep it liquified.  Be sure to dump winterize in all traps when you leave.


It is also good to leave dump valves open and replace cap with vented waste valve cap.  This will keep your tank dry and odor free.  It will also prevent critters from getting into your waste tanks.


Don't forget vents are plastic and break very easily, especially in cold weather.  They should be checked on a regular basis.


Checking  interior corners and roof seams for leaks is important all the time, It is extremely important in extremly cold, snowy, rainy weather.



We do not recommend tarping units for the winter, as this may cause wear and chafing on roof and seams.  We do recommend that you give you unit a little tilt while storing for the winter so water can run off quickly.  You should also check every couple of weeks for vent and seam leaks.






Most slide out systems are designed to be low maintenance, but cleaning and lubing are very important.  It is just as important to actuate the slide once or twice a month, Make sure the temp will allow for this procedure (make sure slide is not frozen in the in position).  Never leave your slide out in the out position in the winter.  Wipe all the debries off the roof befor closing the slide for the season.


When waxing your RV never put wax on your vinyl graphics.  We recommend using 303 Protectant on the graphics it has a UV protectant for the graphic.



When starting the furnace up it is a good time for cleaning furnace and  gas leak testing, for that matter anytime of year is a good time.  Use soapy water or sniffer, NEVER A FLAME, this should be done two times a year. Check your lp and carbon monoxide detectors too.  We also recommend that you vacuum out the ducts and floor registers, especially if you have pets.



We recommend that you air up all low or flat tires before using and storing. Max pressure is stamped on the wall of the tire.  All tires should be aired to this max pressure. Be sure to check all your tires and valve stems for dry rot and cracking. (Don't just look at the surface, look between the treads too) When storing your rv do not use wood by tires, the wood draws moisture out of the tires and will dry rot them faster.



It is recommended to spray a little lock key lube or WD40 in all keylocks to stop corrosion.

























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