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Another year of camping has come and gone.  It's now time to get ready to store your unit until next year.  Here are some tips that might help.




Winterize: Be sure that your unit is winterized before storing for the winter..  


Be Sure all slide outs are closed when storing for the winter. 




Tires: Do not Store tires on wood.


LUBING: It is recommended to spray a little lock key lube or WD40 in all keylocks to stop corrossion.  Be sure to lube all compartment door locks and hinges along with your tongue jack.


ALL ROOFS: Check roof for broken plastics (vents, skylights, ac shroud, etc).  Also, check all seams and caulking for cracking and/or missing caulk.  Broken plastics should be replaced and caulking repaired.  When repairing caulk you need to scrape and clean the area before applying new caulk. 


BLACK AND GRAY TANKS: Be sure that all tanks are emptied.


You should check on your unit in storage throughtout the winter.




BOAT TRAILERS: It is recommended that all boat trailers do a grease and pack (a total axle service) before starting the season if you didn't do one before you put your trailer away for winter.Brake fluid should be flushed out on a yearly basis




















































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