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Another year of camping has come and gone.  It's now time to get ready to store your unit until next year.  Here are some tips that might help.




Batteries:  Check batteries to be sure they are fully charged (12.8v) and fluid levels in the batteries are full.  Clean All Terminals and any acid that may be on the battery.  Be sure that the polarity is hooked up correctly when installing for the season.  Note: A battery that is not fully charged or is  hooked up incorrectly can short out the converter causing  issues with electric slides, awnings, jacks, furnaces, hot water heaters, etc.  


PROPANE: Check propane lines, hoses and tank for leaks.  When testing DO NOT USE A MATCH OR FLAME, use soapy water or better yet use "Leak Detector" in bottle.  Always wipe excess liquid off with a rag when you are done. 


AXLES ON TOWABLES: Check for wear and tear on shackle straps, springs, hangers, bolts and bushings.  It's a good test to to jack up one side of the trailer, have the trailer plugged into the vehicle, spin the tires while someone activates the brake controller.  Jack down and repeat on the other side.  Remember every 2 to 4 years the bearings should be serviced.


Tires: We recommend that you air up all tires before using.  Tire pressure is stamped on the side wall of the tire.  All tires should be aired to this max pressure.  Be sure to check all your tires and valve stems for dry rot and cracking. Don't just look at the surface of the tire, look between the treads too.


LUBING: It is recommended to spray a little lock key lube or WD40 in all keylocks to stop corrossion.  Be sure to lube all compartment door locks and hinges along with your tongue jack.


ALL ROOFS: Check roof for broken plastics (vents, skylights, ac shroud, etc).  Also, check all seams and caulking for cracking and/or missing caulk.  Broken plastics should be replaced and caulking repaired.  When repairing caulk you need to scrape and clean the area before applying new caulk.  This is also the perfect time to wash the roof.


BLACK AND GRAY TANKS: If you didn't clean your tanks when you put your unit away for winter now is a good time to clean them.  With your  tanks empty you should dump a couple fo cups of cheap liquid laundry soap and a gallon of bleach in the tank, fill tank 3/4 full of hot water, let it sit.  If you can drive it aroud it will work even better.  Dump Tank.   This shoud sanitize your  tanks along with cleaning the sensors. 


FRESH WATER TANK: To clean your fresh water tank you will want to dump bleach in the  fresh water tank (we recommend a bleach with a citrus smell) Be sure that all your faucets are turned off.  Turn your pump on run system ( you will have to turn faucets on till bleach water runs out, once it runs out turn faucet off.  Do this to all faucets and showers).  Let bleach water soak ( the longer you let it soak the fresher the tank and water lines) Empty the fresh water tank, Fill it with water and empty again.  Repeat this process a few times.  Now pour about a cup of bleach in your water hose, connect water hose to city water inlet.  Open faucets and run water for several minutes. 


DETECTORS: Check and replace all detector bateries.  If your detector does not have a battery, it is wise to check the expiration date on the back of the detector itself.



POWER CORDS: Clean connectors on all plugs, check for loose connections and/or broken wires and repair. Be sure to check that cords were no drug on the ground and worn thru or cord ends melted.  If any of these have occureed be sure to replace cord.

Due to excessive heat, the power provider is running low on voltage causing many air conditioner problems.  You should be manually monitoring your voltage by using a plug in voltage meter.



BOAT TRAILERS: It is recommended that all boat trailers do a grease and pack (a total axle service) before starting the season if you didn't do one before you put your trailer away for winter.Brake fluid should be flushed out on a yearly basis




















































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