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 Tech Tips






1.  Check tires -  Air up all tires to the proper psi (should be on the side wall of the tire)  Check for dry rot and cracking on the tires (between treads also) and valve stems.


2.  Check axles on towables - Check for wear and tear on shackle straps, springs, hangers, bolts and bushings. It's a good test to jack up one side of the trailer, have the trailer plugged into the vehicle, hand spin the tires while someone activates the brake controller.  Then do the other side.


3.  RV Battery -  Be sure battery is fully charged and fluid levels in batteries are full, also be sure that the polarity is hooked up correctly when reinstalling for the  season.


4.  Check propane - Check propane lines, hoses and tank for leaks.  When testing DO NOT USE A MATCH OR FLAME, use soapy water, or better yet use "Leak Detector" in bottle.  Always wipe excesss liquid off when you are done with a rag or paper towel. If RV is parked it would be wise to turn the propane tanks off, due to squirrels and rodents chewing throught the rubber hoses.


5.  Check Roof - Check roof for broken plastic vents and cracked caulking.  Replace broken plastics, scrap and reseal cracked caulking. This is the perfect time to wash your roof.


6.  Check Power Cords - Clean connectors on all plugs, check for loose connections and/or broken wires and repair. Check to make sure cords were not drug on the    ground and worn thru or cord ends melted.  If any of the above replace.


7.  Slide out-     Be sure to run slide out open, lube the seals and the slide mechanism and then run slide in and out.  You want to clean the roof of the slide out at this time also.



8. Door Locks -  Lube all door locks, compartment door locks and all hinges.  


9. Detector Batteries -  Check and replace all detector batteries and clocks.


10.  Appliances - Clean all appliances and burners, check for bees nests, birds nests and mud wasps.


11.  Due to the excessive heat, the power provider is running low on voltage causing many air conditioner problems. You should be manually monitoring voltage by using a plug in voltage meter at all times.



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